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Welcome To Usgao Ganjem


The Village Panchayat of Usgao Ganjem is situated in the Ponda Taluka of South Goa District. It has a population of 14218, with 4211 males and 4046 female population. The Panchayat consists of 11 wards and has 11 elected representatives.  (Male 06, Female 05). There are 287SC and 2680STs. 597 OBC, Total  households 2116, Post 2,Higher secondary 1, Police Outpost 1,Ponds 3,Market 1, Wildlife Century Bondla Zoo,Industrial Zone. 

The Panchayat has 117primary schools,There are 17 AWC. It has one river, There is two Sub Health centre. The distance between the PHC and the Panchayat is 5 Km, the distance between the main hospital(ID) and the Panchayat is 16Kms. The major source of income for the Panchayat is the house tax, Industrial structure tax, fees, Octroi and other grants.



Citizens can access various government services at any time without visiting any government office through Goa Online e-service portal


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